Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holly's Post

Holly in her favorite position...upside down See Dragonfly New Years Retreat post for Holly's super poses
Lucinda Williams; I Envy The Wind                                                        

This post is dedicated to Holly Mauro who is gone from us now. In borrowing (I will give the words back someday?) from people who wrote about Holly, as well as throwing my own in the mix, Holly was a " like a super nova star...burned brightly and quickly", "a force of nature", "such a Light, always hungry, loved sweets", "alive and radiant", "such an interesting person. Like an enigma!". This Shooting Star of vibrant light passed through a prism and thrown about the room in sparkling array of effervescent rainbow colors touched lives quickly, passionately, and deeply. Her presence on this Earth will be missed as the sun has raised up too far to pass her rays through the prism.    

She is at peace for now, I just know that. Not because I need to, but really. She has more to do, but rests for now. She tried, and tried hard to make things work, to get well, feel good. She reached out, even listened and took things to heart, searched for  "religion". "The pain" she would say, "when I think of the pain people go through, I just don't understand". She'll get through it next time, but needed to rest. She left those she touched, but she needed to rest, couldn't take anymore. She needed to rest before she could grasp how to work through it. It's ok. She will rest now, if only for awhile.

Holly's amazing Blogsite:

Holly, Snow Creek, Mirror Lake, February 2012


Flip Side of Me

In the world of egocentricity, I have a friend who is me inside out, one who is my evil twin, another a wavy reflection in a pond of myself, one a complete opposite, and yet another an upside down of me.

Holly was my flip side… you know, the side of the chocolate pancake that has all the exciting chunks that have sunken to the bottom before the flip. The flavor blasts of dried cherries, coconut, chocolate chunks and pecans, caramelizing and blasting the tongue with flavor. I’m the doughy side with air bubbles, and globs of congealed unstirred Batter.

Pineapple upside down cake? the flip side was Holly, pineapple zip with nuts & pazaz.

Holly was the side of the record (dating myself here, but someone did give me a senior discount the other day…), that ROCks…, the songs that make people buy the album hey?

Rock on Holly Dear, thanks for being all I never was and showing me I could be. Spread your  wings and fly.


Looking at the beauty

Fallen Dove  
 (This one written in essence of a breath taken elsewhere, but seems to relate to Holly somehow)

Tired and weary, worn and teary, hopeless, helpless, a dove fallen from her perch
some words from afar, a touch felt through the clouds, love transcending

~J~moonmango                                3/12

 Mauve To Joy  

(based on a conversation with Holly about Mauve as a mood, inspirational credit to Leonard Cohen, Sue Inge, Preston Chase and anyone enduring my own mauve moods)

Mauve to Red is one thing~
Mauve to Blue yet another~
Mauve leaning to grey tones~
 spirals downwards 
to the black that spirals up, but not out.

The Reds and Whites bring shades of pink
to brighten the Dear Heart.
When White spirals outward,
Pleased with herself
 the Red overpowers,                                                      
sending invitation to black within the grey,
grey with white nowhere to be found...

Mauve, turning to black~
 spiraling nowhere,,,
setting heavily in the soul
White! All the colors of the rainbow,
shades now of joy~ 

~J~moonmango   3/3/12

Merced River

 The light this February day when i met Holly in the park for a hike was incredible. This Shooting Star had climbed many of the granite walls that surrounded us.
Lit up Mirror Lake

Lost To The Storm
This seemed so appropriate even though is another written as a passion piece in time and space with other pieces of light in mind.

a STORM BREWING, SOFT SUBTLE deep as the ocean, gray as the fog at night headlights reflecting on pea soup, tule fog in the valley with headlights coming through from the other lane.

Drawn to the storm, senses screaming out, the storm, so subtle drawing calling without knowing, enticing without awareness, the storm so gentle, softly brewing, stirring a soul so open, can’t see through the fog, in the night, headlights coming from the other lane.

 Take me into the storm lest I die running away, die either way, so take me into the storm. Let the grayness encompass and hide me from the world,

the storm can blow and toss all the ships at sea, suck me under, suck me in, take me down, take me in, into the bottom of the ocean, the depths of the stormy sea, lost, never to be found.

Lost to the storm, deep in the sea. Don’t ever ask. You’ll not find me. Lost in the storm, wanting to be free. Don’t ever ask…like the cat, don’t ever ask

Golden sun shining through, the storm never lasts, but one who gets sucked in is lost forever despite the golden sun haloed above the remaining gray clouds.

Let me touch that golden sun, reach through the stormy gray and stroke the sun rays, grab onto them and float, up out of the depths of the stormy sea, still, never to be found.  

Yosemite Falls

Lost to the storm, don’t ever ask, never to be found, free and bound by the gray and the light of the stormy night, the depths of the sea, never to be found…

~J~moonmango                              3/24/11

To Holly, who burned bright and fast
A Soul such as this is missed deeply. 

You’ll never climb higher

You were the bold bright colors of diffused light from the twilight sky when the sun is below the horizon and its light is refracted.

You said you would teach me to climb. I guess in your way you did. You won’t climb any higher than this Baby.

I don’t really recall, not real sure, but I think you said goodbye to me, before leaving behind what was tangible, walking away from reality

I’ll miss the fire, miss the passion, the fearlessness of one who could climb so high
Choosing to leave what’s corporeal behind .

Tomorrow is yesterday now, and someday is history too the promise of today evaporated with the dew.

You’re free climbing now chicka, no ropes, no helmet, just wings to fly…

You’ll never climb higher than this.



  1. Gneen, I am a friend of Holly's from the American Alpine Club NY climbing community. The new of Holly’s passing just reached us today and has taken us all by surprise. Are there any more details you can share for those of us who were touch by Holly in NY and bid her safe travels when she ventured forth to pursue her passion.


    1. I have a feeling that Holly touched many lives. I just found out myself the other day and no details were able to be passed on yet. I am traveling and returning home Friday and had thought I'd invite her to Yosemite for a Bear dance Saturday. I will be bringing her with me in my heart anyway.
      If you want to email me your email address at my account, we can pass info to each other.

      Thanks for touching in,

      All Good Thoughts your way,