Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Me & Newton at the Crossroads of Y

Rainbow outside Corvallis, lambs in the grass, sheep by the river, red dots on their backs, goin’ 80, moving too fast. Slow  down, slow down at the crossroads, or you’ll  drive right past.
~J MoomMango~  



Hit a Crossroads in Life and hit the road to Kennewick to be with Family and visit old friends along the way. I knew I needed frame of reference as well as to go forth in my struggle to operate on Faith not Fear. Two nights before I left, as I drove to the Irish Festival at the local Bug Hostel, I caught sight of the price of gas that had shot up. I panicked and wondered if I should be going in my unemployed state. As I reminded myself to operate on faith, not fear, my Totem Great Horned Owl soared into the headlights, paused then floated off. Confirmed. I was going.

First Stop was Ashland, Oregon at my  friend Preston's campgrounds where it snowed and blew a wild windstorm. Beautiful! 

Neil Creek Ashland Campsite
Snowy Lantern
Snow Dancers

Saves the day

Question Spiraling

Why in the Y with a swirl spiraling it all inwards and outwards which ever need be at the moment.

Perfect moments, moments of time, questions, maybe’s, why’s and Y’s. Take it in, let it out, ask the question again and again, why, oh Y

The crossroads lead to the answer, just have to ask the question of why at the Y and spiral inwards or outwards for direction.

Point your finger, close your eyes, spin until you fall then open your eyes and see which way the finger points.

Finger pointing at the crossroads tells you which way to go at the Y, but doesn’t tell you why. Question the question.   

Papa L smoking and laughing knows the answer to the question. Papa answers the question with a question why at the Y, smoking and laughing.

Leave a mango, a heart, or two, plant your self and partake at the Y, spin until you fall and you’ll know why at the Y.

Question the question, spiraling it inwards, or outwards, which ever need be at the moment.

~J~moonmango                                                   2012 (possibly February or March?)

 Gotta Go
Gotta go, gotta go fast
gotta go, gotta pass,
engine lights on &
I'm low on gas
Baby's at the crossroads
gotta go fast
Drivin' 80 no stoppin' to play
I'm drivin' 80 all the way
Can't go 60, not today
Hearts a poundin',poundin' away
Baby's at the crossroads
Where my heart will stay

Mantra --trust the powers. Stay Calm. Be Brave. Watch for the SIgns. & Trust the Powers.

The trip quickly became a journey of reflection and grounding clarity moving me in forward motion based on Faith, not Fear. Old friends were instrumental. It amazes me how the years can pass, children grown up, yet good old friends will just pick right up where they left off.It also amazes me how well my friends know me even after years of absence. They know me better than I know myself it seems. Somehow we made differences in each others lives on these visits. Frame of reference, there's nothing like it!

North to Vancouver
Mt. Shasta

New favorite movie quote: The Help: "Were you dropped on your head as a child, or just born stupid?"

City traffic

Out the window twilight

The journey to Vancouver to visit friends was an adventure in playing with the camera out the window!

"Stone Henge" along the Columbia River from Vancouver to Kennewick

Awakening from Sweet Slumber

Slumber so sweet the stars weep for want          
A volcano ready to spew
Heat intense
From simmer to boil in a flash
Loudness in existential form
No quieting the loudness
A crash
                                                                                                           ~J MoonMango~

Four Eyed Monkey

I see a monkey, a four eyed monkey
a four eyed monkey with two noses,
twenty fingers and twenty toeses,                            
A four eyed monkey peeking at me
from between the steps of the slide you see
a four eyed monkey spying on me
a four eyed monkey...Lucy & Keahi 
~J MoomMango~

Vancouver had Launie & I up till about 1:00 am catching up on years apart. We solved most of the problems of the world. David, having to work the next day, went on to bed! I lost the pic, so if Launi emails it to me again, I'll post it. 

Think I'll get the job?

The job opportunities were endless in Kennewick

Hot coffee (the other side says "ot coffe")

Kennewick! Yay!

Vanessa & Isaiah were painting the living room.


Morning Light                                                         

Ah, my morning light
You filter in through my window
touching gently upon my cheek
bringing lightness to my heart 

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