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Mauve, nothing but Mauve

Beauty above Tahsis Inlet summer 2010
Leonard Cohen If It Be Your Will (very mauve)  (hint...if you click on Leonard C, and then the Mauve song further below at the right times, it sounds cool together!)

 Mauve to Blue                                                                                                         

Grey, like the thick fog in the valley hiding the truth making intimacy possible
Wind blows, volcano blows, ash covering fire, glowing molten, but the fire is there
Red, orange, yellow turning to white light, offering itself beyond all darkness
 Ash settles, calmness spreads, moving gently like a lover exploring…
Intimacy awakens with the light. Truth. Honesty. Trust. It’s not the body, it’s the heart
Unfolding a treasure, golden, warm like the sun. Unfolding, paralysis gone
 An offering. Betrayed. Mauve to blue, but never again grey 
Red, orange, yellow turning… Always an offering.

~J~Moonmango                                                                      Kiltman inspired


     Hints Of Mauve (Or, So, I Think)

'The Migrant' ,Denis Keogh



Mauve. the first synthetic dyestuff ever invented.
,a bright but delicate pale purple aniline dye.

Sometimes appearing organically in the sky, a sunset, or in moonlight reflected on water. the Mallow wildflower defining the color.
Not lavender. ,lavender being a pale blue w/ a just a trace of mauve. ,although sometimes considered a shade of dirty pink or purple. more grey & more blue than a pale hint of magenta.
(--which about sums it up. & now we know.)

The color easier to explain than the emotion. & since I was born w/ the difficulty of being able to understand my emotions, I can't be a lot of help here.

Probably been there, crossed paths w/ the color many times in my mind.
Blue I think I understand. Mauve eludes me. It's so specific.

I guess I'm more of a primary color person. although I understand light yellow-green, & I understand red ochre. I understand salmon as well.
but to me, mauve is a figure of the imagination.

& I know we all have as many new emotions as we have thoughts. Or, so I think.
a lot of them go unidentified. which would be the case here. pinning emotions on colors,
or colors on emotions. however it works.

One of the many things I am not very good at. Maybe I'm 'mauve' right now. I'm certainly something. ,but under the circumstances,
I doubt I'll ever use mauve in a poem.
S. Preston Chase

Mauve Song...

Febrary sunset off my porch  ~J~

Mauve, to Red
Mauve Listeni/ˈmv/[2] (rhymes with "stove"[citation needed]; from the French form of Malva "mallow") is a pale lavender-lilac color, one of many in the range of purples. The color mauve is named after the mallow flower.
Mauve is more grey and more blue than a pale tint of magenta would be. Many pale wildflowers called "blue" are actually mauve. Sometimes mauve can be considered a dirty pink or a shade of purple.
Mauve can also be described as pale violet.

Mauve.  Unsaturated color made up of the reds, whites, blues of a heart worn with love. Patience accommodates this color well, but often is hard to find in areas easily gathered.

Mauve to Blue, seasoned and true, Mauve to red, mostly shares my bed.
Mauve with extra, while, toning to gray, makes the mule. Enough black and Mauve drives off in a red sports car.

Mauve in a flower heals lovers broken hearts.

Mauve in a sunset puts babes to sleep gently with dreams.

Mauve in lipstick melts in the car, and stains a lovers collar.

Mauve woven in a dream weave may bring a dream of warm loving.

Mauve in stormy eyes, drops one to their knees.

Mauve in rock formations weep the weary under the mosses.

Painted sky with tones of Mauve, dripping colours mixed haphazardly down the horizon. Slathered reds, whites, blacks and blues turning, maybes into could bees, should bees and hardlys almost, but not quite having it’s way with the wouldbees.                                                

                                                                          e            it         
                                                                                down,                     p


Only dreams can paint you the moon. Mauve to red, raining on a bed of roses most fully in bloom. Having a laugh, loving along, Papa L. running long side with you. Bola de Sabão,  bola de Sabão  Mauve to red, Mauve to red 

~J~moonmango                                         3/12 


Fire weed aboveTahsis inlet


Mariposa Lily East side of Sierras
Owl clover Skeleton Creek


Mauve                                              Mauve

                 Mauve                                              Mauve

Mauve                                 Mauve

Wild onion above Tahsis inlte

Electric mauve (Lily at about 3 years on trampoline)

Mauve is a color that can’t make up it’s mind..
either it’s blue or pink or lavender.
It’s sad or depressed or wishy washy..can’t make up it’s mind.
Mauve is contemplative, feminine, a little worried.
Mauve is lovely, peaceful until you dissect it into its elements.
Mauve is tension with an artistic vocabulary.

My favorite color, right now, is red.
Sue Inge   3/28/12
Kennewick, WA. sunset

How's this for red Sue? Ha!

Portland mauve


Me mauve at Lithia Park Ashland, Or.

Mauve sunset off my porch

~Mauve To Joy  ~                 3/3/12
(based on a conversation with Holly about Mauve as a mood, inspirational credit to Leonard Cohen, Sue Inge, Preston Chase and anyone enduring my own mauve moods)

Mauve to Red is one thing~                                                                      
Mauve to Blue yet another~
Mauve leaning to grey tones~
 spirals downwards 
to the black that spirals up, but not out.

The Reds and Whites bring shades of pink
to brighten the Dear Heart.
When White spirals outward, the Red overpowers,
sending invitation to black within the grey,                                    
grey with white nowhere to be found...

Mauve, turning to black~                                                            
 spiraling nowhere,,,
setting heavily in the soul
White! All the colors of the rainbow,
shades now of joy~

Got mauve? make mauve comments! I'd love to hear thoughts of mauve as a mood...

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