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Recent Treks & Good Times (or Mostly February)...Moose & Squirrel again

Mirror Lake February

Here I will post a compilation of recent small adventures with people who are a part of my frame of reference as well as any form of strange writings that well up inside and pour forth. Read and partake at your own risk. The mood is mauve and the tunes are along the lines of Leonard Cohen. My strong recommendation is that you click "Blue" Lucinda William's UTUBE as you scroll, then endure the French version of Gummy Bear while scrolling the rest of this warped post. For those who enjoy over stimulation, it may be fun to play them all at once!

Special thanks to those who participated in supporting the efforts put forth in creating this weird, but significant post as well as those who just sat on their arses and ate Santa's Chocolate, cookies from the freezer & drank fig brandy.

 NanO, Rufus & I spent a relaxing day wandering around the valley floor and treked to Mirror Lake. We concentrated on solving the problems of the world, but couldn't quite get our own figured out...

I don't wanna talk, I just wanna go back to blue

Blurry us & Rufus
You can count your blessings, I'll just count on blue
NanO & Rufus on bridge

Phantom & friends were there!

Fine lines may increase with age, but vision decrease, so it all balances out!

Feeds me when I'm hungry, and quenches my thirst.
Loves me when I'm lonely and thinks of me first
Unconditional love & unreasonable loyalty

 Blue, is the color of night,when the red sun, disappears from the sky...
                                                                  Sunsets in February
Off my porch
Catheys Valley

Off my porch                  



 Sweetness comes only when bitterness dies
opening your heart brings the joy of pain. Embrace it with all your being and grow to love.

Mango Monger is true to you!
True to blue...
Mango Monger, where are you?
If Mango Monger meets Cookie Monster, what will happen? The cookies in my freezer are afraid, very afraid. What will I tell them? Mango Monger comes unseen...

Kitty's poem
Life is good, life is nice, don’t blink once
and don’t think twice
Smile at the sun and your big brother,
hug your friends and love your Mother
Hop on that horse and ride away,
                                                                       saving your cares for another day
 How I Long

A friend who once touched my heart and I haven't seen for some years asked me today via technology how my horses are. Oh how I long at this moment to hop on, no saddle, no bridle and gallop up Stumpfield Mt. Rd and down, so deep down into the Chowchilla River Canyon. The smell of the trees, the sights of mustang piles, wildflowers, skunks skulking in the grass all call to my heart. Indian grinding stones left unused for generations now. How many times did the canyon mesmerize my soul washing away all that was painful with the river? Now, I choose to face the pain, head on like a ram fighting for it's mate.  With each encounter brings unbridled joy. Oh how I long....
Totem Great Horned owl

 This little owl flicked up from under my horses metal shod hoof when I put him up in his pasture 9 years ago. The owl affirmed the question on my heart that day. The fuzz on his head is dust. Guess I'd better clean house!

 Things found in strange places in impactfull situations

The owl and the heart true and whole. One care takes and the other takes care .

 The great Horned owl revealed himself as my totem over 10 years ago now.

Findings on the path of my journey
A glint of light, a beat of a heart
the warmth of life
 This heart was a message just a week ago at a time I needed guidance desperately. 

Wondering, wandering, heart pondering...
glistening in the dirt along the highway,
a heart mended by stitches, a patch of red glowing, available to give and recieve in all wholeness.  


Heart Felt
Writers experience writers block. Hookers have Hookers block. Haven't picked up the hook hardly for two years and struggled unless it was free flow when i did. The little foundling heart unblocked this Hooker and although it will be tiny once felted, this basket that I will call "Heart Felt" is the first tapestry pattern (not free flowing) that I have been able to do free flow without graphing paper and a mathematical struggle. Maybe I will pass algebra yet! Nothing like being a free flowing hooker!

                  A blue cat's visitor (or Kev's blip)

Blue was the color of his joy filled eyes. Blue was his name. Blue was the color of the one who longed for him through the screen door. Blue was the fear that separated them from rapture.  ~J~moonmango

Blue cat

 Great Horned Owl
When I need guidance or question direction, he appears, night or day in abnormal ways such as flying low over head in broad daylight. The first eventful sighting was during a particularly trying time. There was a nest right over the fence from the preschool where I was Director. The children & I watched each day and observed several babies fledged from the nest. 

Here's a pic of a pic of that (didn't have digital then!)
Look closely and you will see a couple of the fluff balls!

Stranger then, Stranger yet now
Golden hair, tied snaking down his back
face turned peeking over his shoulder
Eyes far away and distant 
 Distant Stranger                  A day on the horses with Ann

 Raven, feathers shiny and black, a touch of blue, glistening down her back...

 Raven at tunnel view (hike to Stanford Pt.)

 Holly & I tromped along Mirror Lake and to snow creek. After she made us homemade pizza at her cabin in Foresta! YUMMY! We almost solved all the problems of the world, but heartaches were not to be understood. 

Holly at Snow Creek
Mirror Lake!

Old, but not tired wondering:

Little Miss Muffet
The other evening I while showering, I looked up from scrubbing my hair to notice a female spider way in the far corner embraced in the act of mating with ... well, her mate. It didn't take me long to realize that she was murdering the poor amorous fool while tangled in the throws of passion. Yes really. Sucking the life right out of him!
The next night I got ready to hop into the shower & noticed the male spiders curled up, lifeless body laying limp on the bottom of the tub, while the female spider rested contentedly up in her corner.
This all, of course, led me to wondering...wondering... Hmmmm...  
 Never cease to let the mysteries of life spark wonder in your soul.
~J~      (Mango Monger helped compose this one)

 Sorry, but it seemed appropriate for the mauve mood.

Lit up Mirror lake
Fuzzy Yosemite Falls

Merced River in clouds Yosemite Valley

Some February Pics i like from along the way...

Mossy Burl on Stanford Pt. trail
Snowy sunrise off my porch
Mango Monger takes no responsibility for typo's during mauve moods. Spell check is overrated, and the errors are attributed to funk.
Dandy's view of the first snow of the season (February!)

I'm Sorry
A new friend said this morning (or was it yesterday?, yes, it was) with an embrace  " I just want to say I'm sorry because no one ever said they were sorry"
Birding around Hornitos area
Turkey Vulture
Turkey Vulture larger than need be 
wingspan spread across my driveway
Face down
A message for me?
I tried my first birding expedition with kestrel, NanO, Lori & a bunch of neat people.
Lori & I aknowladged that we will probably not be birders. We knew the birds from other animals by their feathers though.
Bird poop on lichen rock

The Indian Gulch Cemetary was cool!

We spotted 4 bald eagles total!
Look, a Flicker!

Goat Farm
GPH Worm found in Pete's Pond (hee-hee)

Buddy liked digging for gophers
Too early blossom
Stone ring

Cemetary stone wall

Road, to ? Raymond no doubt. All roads lead to Raymond
Ready to burst
Excerpt from Hula 

Hula made no secret of the fact that he had a drinking problem. He tried to overcome it many times and had some very successful stretches of “dryness”. We would talk often about the struggle he had with the bottle. Somehow the bottle always seemed to win.  When Eve and I were laughing and talking about Hula and the old days, I mentioned that Hula just seemed to give up a couple years ago, and wasn’t himself anymore. She said that it seemed to be after his last dog passed he just couldn’t do it anymore. No more talk about quitting drinking. The bottle won.

I am sad to think of not seeing my friend Brian there behind the store anymore, but I sure am glad his struggles are over. I don’t think that anyone who knows Hula as “the bum behind Woodland Market” can ever realize how hard he worked, to be a good person and to overcome, nor can I. I can’t help but shed some tears for his hardship and for my loss of a dear friend, but am rejoicing over the rest and peace so richly deserved that he now can enjoy.

At anytime a person can ask me about “the bum behind Woodland Market” and I will know who they mean, but as always, my reply will be, “oh, you mean my good friend Brian!”.

Jeannine Andre (~J~moonmango)

Halleuja I'm a Bum, hallelujah I'm a bum...

Treasure your friends dear ones, for they move on in time...

The thing that set me into glee full gladness was Kestrels surprise of Yosemite valley View my backyard, Tara Firma

I see my backyard! Tara Firma

Click on the pic to see Yosemite Valley
Yosemite from Bear Valley Cuttoff

I'm a Gummy Bear, I'm a Gummy Bear....
Je m’apelle Funny Bear
Je m’apelle Funny Bear
Je m’apelle Funny, Funny, Funny, Funny, Funny Bear  
J’ai un p’tit ventre mou
Et un slip kangourou
Je suis pas comme les autres doudous
moi je suisun p’tit loup
Oh yeah
It has wings!!!


 Lunch & bald eagles. Not a bad way to finish the day!

 Dear Bird
 Fly little bird, fly. Will you spare your wings dear bird, for just one day?
 I'll bring them back, soon as I return from flying away...

 Kitty's Retirement bash!

Retirement Party's rock! Snooze on Randy!

There were rides!

Moon over barn

Mauve to Blue                                                                                                          

Grey, like the thick fog in the valley hiding the truth making intimacy possible
Wind blows, volcano blows, ash covering fire, glowing molten, but the fire is there
Red, orange, yellow turning to white light, offering itself beyond all darkness
 Ash settles, calmness spreads, moving gently like a lover exploring…
Intimacy awakens with the light. Truth. Honesty. Trust. It’s not the body, it’s the heart
Unfolding a treasure, golden, warm like the sun. Unfolding, paralysis gone
 An offering. Betrayed. Mauve to blue, but never again grey  
Red, orange, yellow turning… Always an offering.

~J~moonmango                                                                      KiltMan inspired
Thanks to KiltMan for true inspiration from the depths of honesty shared across the miles


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