Friday, February 17, 2012

Point Lobos and Mom's Birthday #78

This one took me awhile to post as I took a huge number of pics to go through! It was a great weekend with family and nature back in my old stomping grounds.
On the way to Grandma's house

Mom's 78th Birthday

Steve had his Birthday so he received a barbie Head from little Sis

New favorite movie line (like I HAD an old one)
Erin Brocovich: "All you got is two wrong feet and
#@^*&% ugly shoes!"

Cheers fellow shoe lovers!

Mancoon Muchi was not easily impresssed

Brenna made salad in her Grandma's bowl

Dad had a funny story going that cracked Anne & Timothy up.

Cross this bridge?

 Point Lobos

January Wild Iris

Drop off


The Phantom was there!

Lazy seals

Guess how this hole might have been made?


What's Bro doing up there?

Dino rock!

Moon rocks

Hmmm, the Phantom is contimplating

The Phantom wants to pet the gull

Got it!


That's what Steven was looking at!

Hermie's coming out, shhhhh!
Here he comes...
c'mon Hermie!

He's out!


and go...
Free hermie!
Crawl free Hermie!

He's Free!

Lunch was here

Conversations of our upbringing brought about rebelliousness!

Look closely, there are whales breaching. We saw lots!

Hallaluja I'm a bum, hallauja bum again, hallauja give us a handout and revive us again!
"Why don't you get a job"  he said! "Hell, you get a job and work make four or five dollars an hour, you could get a savings account, pretty soon you'll never have to work again." I said "hell, that's what I'm doing right now!"

Utah Phillips  (sorry, but intil I get a job, you may have to hear this often!)

Seals & Whalers Cabin

After lunch we headed on and saw this baby seal chasing mom up into the bull kelp. She was not in the mood to play, so baby entertained himself with a bull kelp. 

 Perhaps silkies?

Furry trees along trail

Weird centipede

"Whales being warm- blooded mammals, which breath as we do, could, in principle, live on land, but if a whale were on land, it's organs would be crushed under its own weight." Diane Ackerman The Moon By Whale light

View out

Ok, so I'm pretty sure I dated this guy when I lived around there

Yup, I remember the sign on his chest...

Whale head

Abalone shell
Cute,but not too social hey?
Whale bones

Whale boiling pots

Jeannine's fat reduction plan!


Heading out we saw a communal coyote poop spot

Wild lilac
Furry coyote scat

Bony coyote scat


All in all a great weekend!
Thirsty Jay

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