Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby's R Us! Archives and beyond!

Dunno why it keeps going sideways

This pic is one of the A Dolts below as a younger woman growing out a bad perm (why, oh why did she do it?) on her first memorable trip to Yosemite 
Guess who and match her to a baby too!

NanO & PSO started me on this post with pics from the past! Check out each baby pic (or youthful pic) and try to place it with the grown up or updated child it belongs to! Join in with your pics! Email them to me at I'll post em as long as they are decent! PSO wouldn't let me click & post her in her black lace top, so I guess we'll keep it clean. Ha!
This post will change and grow, so check it from time to time!

Baby Pics (or Youths)

1.On the right is the beauty to match!

2.Check out the wild west harlet on the far right! Can you match her with an
A Dolt pic below?

3a.He sure likes that Teddy bear!

3b.Match the baby above & boy right to an A Dolt

4.How about this lovely Mama &
totally beautiful baby and wee girl below?


Hmmm, a phone talker huh?
She is the baby above with the Mama

6.How about this groovy couple?

Here's a hint. The woman is the Mama in the pic above with the beautiful baby!


7.Match this chubby cheeked baseball baby

Hint: he has teeth now!

8.How about this coy cutie?

 9.This little bear can be found below as a child                                  10.  This little bed bug won't bite


11. The funny monkey driving loved trains, but now is into demo cars & sports!

Who could this small phantom grown up to be?

Welcoming The Storm

"So the secret is just to say 'Yes!' and jump off from here. Then there is no problem. It means to be yourself in the present moment, always being yourself, without sticking to an old self. You forget all about yourself and are refreshed. You are a new self, and before that self becomes an old self, you say 'Yes' and you walk into the kitchen for breakfast. So the point of each moment is to forget the point and extend your practice."
Shunryu Suzuki

This morning I knew I had done this. For now anyway. I walked outside to greet the coming storm with excitement and joy at welcoming it with all of my senses instead of being fearful and uncertain. I was Me again, but the part of the old Me that needed to stick around, joined with the new Me, refreshed. I was myself in the present moment! Doors left unlocked and unlatched all night were blowing open and shut in the wind. I sat cross legged on the bench to meditate in the open, hair whipping in the wind and trees around me swaying. As the first raindrop coolly kissed my lower lip, the tears of relief and joy flowed freely and air filled my lungs deeply as I took life into my body (Life happens breath!) .  

The challenges that have faced me lately have been there to teach me this and so much more. How I have longed to reach this moment of being in the present. My Totem the Great Horned Owl, , has encouraged me nightly, the big old moon herself smiling in reassurance upon my face, but the struggle inside me had to go on, just to reach this moment. This moment is now a part of my frame of reference along with all who touch my life, such as you. Never, never give up the hope and struggle for the moment my friend because it will come when you aren't looking!


Growmucks, or A Dolts

A. PSO (patti Sue)
B. NanO!

C. Moon Phantom

                    E 1, 2 & 3.  Vanessa, Jeannine and Aaron (Me & My Kiddos!) Match us all to a baby!
My Bro Steven
F. My Mom Ramona

G. My Dad Richard with Lucy? (somewhere I have a pic of this man as a lad in a sailor outfit)

 H 1.What baby goes to this white Christmas silly Lucy Lamb?  H 2.

How aboutMr. cookie dough
Micah?  I.


Lily Bear reads me bedtime stories over the web cam now! Find her baby pic!


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