Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tiny House & Friends

Tiny Driftwood House Cape Palmerston, North Vancouver Island, BC

After the yoga retreat, my new Investment banker, Rock climber, all around amazing person friend Holly hooked me onto her blog which took me to her favorites. Among those is a Tiny House blog! Now some of you KNOW how I LOVE tiny houses! It is debatable whether or not my own less than 700 sq ft cabin qualifies as tiny, but I am soon to find out I hope. In any case, while I sit here waiting for EDD to call so they can drill me about my job search, all the while having to put off a serious job interview for that, focusing on anything serious is impossible. What better way to pass the time than make a Tiny house post! Now this post will update now and again, as my own house (I hope) will change and be updated, and I will no doubt come across new tiny houses I love. I will start by posting some Fall pics of my own tiny (?) home sweet home! I call it the magic cabin.

The magic Cabin

This was taken early Fall when I began working on paths.

 One of the magic things about this place is a 100 gallon per minute well with the sweetest water in the world! Very nice after living for a good chunk of years without much water.
I worked plenty hard to put more wood in the wood shed since this.

I call this tree the Warrior Tree.

Inside is nice and cozy!
 It's amazing, but if I don't leave much laying about, there winds up being plenty of room!
The wood stove heats the place up quickly which is great because I rely on the stove. otherwise it's expensive electric wall heaters and portable electric heaters.

Ok, there will be more on the magic cabin later on! Now I'll move on to some of my favorite tiny houses that I have encountered.

Someday I hope to build a seriously Tiny Guest house. Maybe on a trailer!

Beano Tree House

This Tiny House is located on Nootka Island B.C. on a surf camp on Beano Beach. It is an awesomely wild place and a November storm watching would be incredible from here as the ocean is right there and the storms get crazy there!

View of the ocean (but hard to see!)

Way out (climb down!)

Foot of the bed with window

Bed with view of the other tree house.

Beano Beach

Logger Camp tiny house

This next Tiny House is located on the way to Beano Beach on Plumper harbor. One first goes by boat to this spot, them by 4 wheel drive to Beano Surf Camp. No, I don't surf!

Plumper Harbor Logger house

Fire stove

Window with a view?

Shell outside of bus

The Diamond Lee

Featured here is Captain Lawrence on the Diamond Lee at Westview Marina in Tahsis B.C. Lawrence & Julie are Tree planters with their own tree planing business Nootka Reaforestation. They have been working on this old historical boat to make it their home away from home. There will be more on Julie & Lawrence in my other blog Northern Exposures Nootka Sound  later on as I progress with it.

Captain Lawrence on Diamond Lee

Lawrence painting the peak of the cottage

Julie painting my door red

Julie and Lawrence lit the fire under my bum to motivate a painting 
party! They painted for a spaghetti dinner in one of the almost unheard of heat
waves in the rain forest! I thought it was a great deal, but had no idea how much spaghetti Julie can put away! I think I'll be her when I grow up...

The Diamond Lee

Her windows

C'mon in!
       Lawrence & Julie had a one eyed chiuaua named Hermano that came from  a rescue orginazition from Merced!  He treked over downed trees, rocks, ferns and everything as though he were a normal sized doggie! Even people who didn't like dogs, like Hermano. Think I'll email them & see how he's doing and if there is an updated pic of Diamond Lee to post. Just heard from Julie! hermano is doing well as is the cat Raffi, but old timer pooch Rain passed away and was burried at Westbay park in Tahsis. Sad. No work done on Diamond lee lately.
Porthole of Diamond Lee
Me with Lawrence & Julies dog Hermano

Barbies Dream House

Ok, I HAVE to post this Tiny House! I spent this Christmas with my Grandchildren and barbie pink was everywhere. For some reason the young men in Kennewick, WA. like to shave all their hair off. Here is my Son in Law Isaiah and friend Tyler Christmas Eve. putting together the Barbie Dream House!

Seriously guys...                           

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Here's a favorite of mine in Yosemite Valley

Same sweet  travel house decorated for holidays! Thanks Preston for the contribution.

Probably my MOST favorite tiny house ever! Built by a 4 year old! 

1940 homebuilt teardrop.  It has been in covered storage since the 1960's. Everything is original including the wiring and 1938 Coleman stove.  I aquired it a couple of months ago and I am beginning a loving restoration.

Sweet one hey? Got this off Ronnie Sweetings facebook. Love to live there for a week!
More tiny  Houses will be added in time!

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The girls loved it!

This sweet tiny travel house belongs to Preston Chase . His current yard is in Ashland Or.


  1. My husband and I just bought our own tiny home! Not certain the exact sq. ft., but it's less than 800...It used to be a pole barn, and the previous owners added a bed and bath/laundry. The kitchen is sort of an open area behind the living room, which is wonderful, once we put in a rolling butcher block/knife storage cabinet! Very rustic, adorable, cozy and homey!

    1. Ok, Unknown, I am ALWAYS interested in how other Tiny home people work out space issues. Where is your Tiny Home? If you have any great space saving ideas, I'd love to hear them. Also, if you have a picture or two, please email them to me at my email & I would love to feature them here on this post! Anyone else with tiny home pics, or ideas is welcome! I LOVE tiny homes! I am tempted to make my nice barn shed into one, but I need the shed!