Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clouds Rest in Mid January!

Approaching the summit!
If not for Suzanne, Naoko & I would never have thought to hike Clouds Rest with the short days of winter, but with no snow so far this year, going to the high country in mid January hasn't happened since 1935, so why not? When I got home from the movies at 10:30 pm Saturday night and got the message about meeting at 6::00 am to do Clouds Rest, I thought, well, we'll just see how far we get. I'd never done it (20 years with it in my backyard, and never done it!), but 14.5 miles with mucho uphill & elevation gain sounded like a lot after eating junk and lazing around all through the holidays. Turns out it was great and we were all so glad we took the opportunity! I highly recommend this hike and give it 5 stars!

The first sign   

Clouds Rest

Naoko takes it all in

On the razor           

Clarks Range & Tenaya Lake


Rocks & Valley
What's that peak? Star King?

 Suzanne, me & Naoko on top!                                         


            Suzanne was very proud of her new  boots after the big blowout on Yosemite Falls trail! Rumor has it that her old ones are bronzed and used as door stops. 
Half Dome & Yosemite Valley

Rainbow cloud resting

A rest before heading back                 

Lake on the way 



                         Clouds Rest ice phantom
   From trail

Frozen Trail

Frozen creek


  1. A beautiful backyard indeed! Your photos of this trip are such an inspiration. We definitely are lucky to call this wild place home. Yesterday Mike and I wanted to take the kids hiking a bit closer to home so we settled on Telegraph mountain. Loved it. Breathtaking views, unique vegetation and some fun animal bone discoveries.

    1. I don't think I've been to Telegraph yet Terris. I heard the wildflowers were awesome after the fire! I will have to get some blog advice from you (for those who have not checked out freeeats you really need to!). I had a lot of trouble formatting this post (see how the pics are wonky?)and it made me crabby! Yesterday NanO & I did an awesome loop in Jerseydale. No pics as it had hailed earlier and I don't yet have a waterproof case for the camera. We are truly lucky indeed Terris!