Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Came To Me

Obsidian campground ice in my jug morning #1

Christmas Came to Me

I have had much to be grateful for this year of 2012. Wonderful children who are happy in their families, fun loving Grandchildren, both parents still around to enjoy the holidays with, friends as true blue as a field of Forget Me Nots. With an immune system compromised by the trauma of the previous year, life threatening food sensitivities led to more near death experiences that I can count on my hands. Some that were closer calls than other, but all crazy serious. These challenges left me ever so grateful for many things I wouldn't think twice about before. Gratitude for life itself. As an example. When people would ask 'how are you?”, my reply became “I hear that breathing is good”.

Trail to Jerseydale2009
Truly, the journey through healing has brought much enlightenment to this soul. New perspective on things like “plan for the future” have evolved. One thing I know from all I've been through is that the future, for me and all of us, is the children. All I do in life seems to bring me back to this. I continue to be blessed by the little ones around me as as well as the ones who now have little ones of their own. How quickly they grow. If I could show them, like a picture book, how very precious they are, I would unfold my pages, let them bend my corners into dog eared crumples, get sticky stuff all over the paper so that the pages stick together and tear. If I could show them, each and every one, but alas, they too must travel through life, their own journey to experience.

Now, this being a Christmas post and all, I am slowly and along some bunny trails getting around to that very subject (as is the way I do things). With all that I have and hold dear to be grateful for, and Jesus being my mate since I was 8 years old (a WHOLE other story!) why, then shouldn't I be embracing Christmas more than ever? No matter how I tried, I got deeper in a funk. Not Scroogy, just not getting Christmas. Having truly experienced Loves True Light first hand in a most blessed way, surely I should. Well, I hadn't done any of the things I do like harvest yummy fruits, making sauce and drying them, putting together baskets of yummy stuff etc... but, that wasn't it either.

Mowhawk Rock. My snowshoe tracks. 2009
Finally, with no particular reason behind it, just as I'd abandoned any hope of Christmas joy, it came. I needed not search any more. It came, out of the blue, Christmas crept, slowly filling my heart, just as I have known it to be. I have no profound words about it, it just came. I turned on the Christmas music, got out the box of decorations, sat down here and began to write. Soon I will harvest rose hips, make spicy tea, and move on from there. No big bang ending here, but when it's all said and done, it makes good toast.

Peace, Love and the Joy of Life,

Jeannine 12/7/12

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