Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thankful Light

It's that time of year again where I subject friends and loved ones to my wonderings and babblings. 
Thanksgiving upon us makes me look inward, which hasn't been hard for me lately. The past few years have been the most difficult in my life and this last two, I barely survived...literally . As Dorothy said “there's no place like home” Looking inward, cleaning house, dredging up all the old treasures and sorting them out from the junk allows one to move forth and extend themselves outward. This Dear ones is my hearts desire.

Last night I saw a friend who I love so dearly and have since I first met her 21 years ago. When I told her how very much I always admired her, she said “there's a lot you don't know about me Jeannine”, like my love and admiration would change if I did. What she doesn't know is that nothing she's said or done would probably shock me, or change my heart for her, and the things I admire are the parts that rise above it all. When I connected with this friend, I saw HER, not her body, her actions, or any of the outer shell of her core. What I saw was a light that shone through all of that and lit up those around her, including me. She's beautiful.

I watched my friend raise her children, sometimes nearby, and sometimes in a way that was like being in a cosmic parallel play ( Peuoget, child development stuff. Playing along side each other, but not really interacting). I knew there were rough times, but I knew those children always felt loved. Because of that, they are incredible people today.

The challenges of these past few years have made me more grateful and aware than ever of family, friends, new people in my life and my own very soul, all of us shining our lights through the layers and lighting each other. Looking within and cleaning house has enabled me to see the treasures that are a part of my house, and you all are treasures. Your lights keep mine lit, and light it when it dims.

It would be all to easy to say how grateful I am for my children and Grandchildren who bring joy to my heart, but we all know this. I am ever so grateful, but my gratitude and thankfulness extends far into the Universe this year. Perhaps my heart will burst from it and my light will then shine down from above, who knows, but when I see your faces, or receive encouraging comments from you, it makes me shine with thankfulness to know you. I am thankful for those who have been drawn to my light as well as those who''s light has attracted me. Thankful for the ones who have held my hand through the rough times, without judgment... as the teeter toter tottered, as it always will. Thankful for the lights I see in new faces when I am invited into their “house” and look in, even just on the street, or in the market.

While marching through the streets of gratitude, I am always, always amazed at the children. So open to letting their lights shine. People say I'm a “teacher”, but the children have been the teachers for me. I try to facilitate their environments so that they can shine as far as they are able, but inevitably, they are the ones who light my heart. I'm truly thankful for the children and the children that I see in us all. Look within, put fear aside, and let your childlike light shine. Maybe I sound all new agey, tie dye hippie, but, hay, would you expect anything else?

Love, light... and just enough darkness to show the light,



  1. This is lovely in every way, Jeannine. Thank you. Love, Ruth

    1. Thank you Ruth. Just poured it out today. Not much editing, but perhaps the heart shouldn't be edited...So happy to know you.