Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Embracing my backyard

Reflection on Merced River

Getting the dogs to pose

Before I headed to Kennewick where there are no mountains, I made sure to have some fun in the sun both with friends and alone in my backyard. Saturday was a trek along the Merced River with NanO, Lori, Trish and their silly doggies and Karyn, and avid birder. Sunday I tromped up to Stanford Pt. to get a better view of the majestic rocks & valley below. I met a young man who spent the night up there to watch the full moon on the granite! THIS I will do!
Rufus was not cooperating! Get with the program Ruf!

                            Stanford Point

From Stanford Point
Frozen bubbles in creek

On the way to Stanford Point

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  1. Nice pictures, Jeannine! I am so excited that you started this blog :)