Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My First Blog Post!

Mostly I started this Blog to help save my friends and loved ones from the bombardments of pictures and writings that I call "babbling wonderings". Those will now be posted here! The foothills of Yosemite have been my home for over 20 years. Much of what you see on this blog will be about adventures in the surrounding areas. I have two wonderful grown children who are now married to wonderful people. Vanessa (33) and Isaiah live in Kennewick, WA with my three Grandmonkeys, Micah (9), Lily (6) and Lucy (3). Aaron (28)and his wife Ashley are in Fresno.Much of what will be posted will be about all of them!

Here goes my first blog post! At the moment I am visiting my daughter Vanessa and her husband Isaiah and my 3 monkeys in high eastern Washington, home of Kennewick man and neighbor to the Hanford nuclear plant. I've been here for almost a week now and haven't seen the sun yet. I am hoping for frozen frost which is amazingly beautiful if you can keep warm! Christmas is always more fun with the children around. Last night we decorated Christmas cookies and I gave my 33 year old daughter her first real spanking! When we were cleaning up the kitchen I mentioned that she was stifling the children's creativity by interfering with their decorating techniques. When I said she was making them anal retentive, she smacked my bum with her wooden spatula she was holding! I cried out "elder abuse!" and smacked her bum with the wet plastic spatula I was washing. Lily thought it was all real great fun and smacked my bum with a wooden spoon laughing hard! Ahhh what would the holidays be without fun in the kitchen?

The children always want to feed the Llamas when I go there. 
My girl monkeys. Lucy (3) & Lily (6)
When I asked these two if I like frogs, can I kiss a prince and get one, they showed me Curious George doll and said I could kiss him and have a monkey!
The only way to get 9 year old Micah in the pic was to monkeypile him!
A family tradition at the McCollum house is to give the gingerbread house to the squirrel. This year he got pasta too! Time for his insulin shot.
Lucy had her preschool holiday performance and Vanessa had the girls dressed like White Cristmas with jackets & skirts that she made herself. 
Caught liking fingers Lily!

Vanessa, you're making them neurotic and anal retentive!

One of the things I have been working on is how to be more careful with my wording when I speak Here are a few phrases I came up with and their underlying meanings: 

I’m working on an waist management expansion project (eating ice-cream)
I am currently exploring exciting new job opportunities (looking for work)
I have recently been freed up from the time constraints of employment (been canned)
The thought evades me (I forget)
I am working on becoming a more well rounded person (eating ice-cream)
I am becoming more in touch with my inner child (having a melt down)
I am conserving energy (lazy and don’t feel like exercising)
I’m increasing my liquid assets (buying beer)
I’m checking into liquidating some assets (drinking beer)
I’m spending quality time with dear friends (Ben & Jerry…eating ice-cream)


  1. Hey, don't make me get the spatula out again :)

  2. You had that swat coming for 33 years!

    Love, Mom