Friday, February 13, 2015

 Chapters Beginning And  
Ending, Arriving, Only To 
 Begin Again ~

Bluebird of happiness, getting grub for his family

Much has happened since my last post.My granddaughter Ansley came into this life with the sweetness and spice of a ginger bug and will turn 2 in May. Love has been my saving grace. Life has become a worthwhile experience for many reasons, but mainly because the dragon I fought several years ago, came back to be slayed. Now my dragon is with me always as a loyal Allie and there is insurmountable joy in even my darkest days. One must first slay their dragon, then embrace it. Meanwhile, the children at school are creating the 2015 Chinese New Year dragon, and for the first time ever she will be female, this voted by a class of mainly boys. Here goes a smattering of who knows what. Enjoy if you wish and welcome.

Slaying The Dragon

Today I slayed a dragon ~

It wasn’t my intention to do so, but never the less I did.

Just set out to do a task, burn some brush...while the breeze was down, spring moisture still in the trees, grasses & soil.

I lit the fire twice with paper & lighter, then Ponderosa cones & paper before it would even take off. Soon as it did, the dragon flew in from my right with a strong breeze whipping his mighty tail, gnashing his teeth & claws, thrusting his gargantuan beautiful head ~ this dragon ~ I knew so well...

Spitting flames up the hillside & into the Oaks nearby, this dragon spewed his fire and demanded more! Seeking the fire from my veins as he had done ~ since a lifetime, or two ago, that last night I danced with my gypsy lover around the fire, my father telling me “if you go, I'll have no daughter by your name”, so I went, of course I went ~ satiating my wildest desires, then turning my back, then and again, at least twice in this life alone, that hair those eyes, dark and dancing, just as before ~ when the dragon came, seeking the fire ~ in my veins ~ for his breath ~ offering safety...he said.

Flames shot higher as the tempest from the the dragons powerful, puissant wings blew in all directions ~ Bludgeoned by my gloved hands the mighty beast fell with a great thunderous blow into the fiery pile, hissing, and spitting, writhing and crying out in anguish, as I grabbed hold of the rake and struck him senseless, that dragon ~ that beast ~that fed off the fire in my veins.

Green leathery skin, charring to black, scales curling with white ash, foam hissing from his nostrils, as he tried one last attempt at blowing fire, I fed him once more ~ then lay on the ground beside him, my ear to the soil, hearing his hissing, watching him writhe, my eyes pouring out tears in just one short moment of... was it regret? No, just a flash of what was, for I loved that dragon, as I loved my self.

Laying there, head in the grassy hillside, looking past the incinerating mass of coals & ash, scales & soil, fire and blood and spit, glowing embers as watchful eyes through the transparent vague de chaleur and tears, I saw his soul lift, into the air, as vaporous as the waves of heat he flew out of, lifting up & out into a cloud which took his form, dissipated into several other clouds, leaving his massive body and tail to waft into the ethereal abyss of space and time .

Freedom attained, freedom gained, who was the captor & who the captive? Who then, when all's said and done, who ~ is the beast?

Today I slayed a dragon, although, it wasn't my intention to do so but never the less I did ~

~J~moonmango 4/6/14

Me & The Ginger Bug        

Backyard gift

Sardine Falls

All together this year for 

Tent Cabin getting some TLC

After choosing life and healing a body that rebelled against my refusal to live, I've found new hope in things I had to let go of. Much gratitude to Bob McKinney & Kevin Darcy for graciously sharing their skills and encouragement to begin giving the tent cabin new life.

Anna's Hummingbird

Anna's Hummingbird, as dull as myself, flashing a random red iridescent throat, to show she has fire

flitting about the wild fuchsia, stopping to observe me, observing her,

does she ever wonder,

does she give half a thought, to if there's anyone’s shoulder (wing?) worthy of resting her head upon,

or if there ever really was...

I think not.

She breeds with the one who wins her, dies when she is done,

no girlfriends to confide in, just fighting for her food.

Anna's Hummingbird, if I ever were you, I've lost all that I was,

except sipping my wine like nectar

and flitting when the sun goes down.

~J~moonmango 7/18/2014

This sweet Little Guy (now dubbed Lagrima Gitana) took me all over Washington, the Eastern Sierras and into British Colombia Vancouver Island last summer.

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Kowana Coyote ~

Coyotes Eyes

deep running water

pooling ~


behind grass,

Birds Eye Gilia

and Wallflowers
~J~moonmango 4/28/2014


  1. Well, look here! Why did I not know you had a blog?? This will be a pleasure, I know!

    1. Neta, what a pleasure to see you here! A much neglected blog for sure, perhaps for the best! I hope we meet up in person soon!

      Warmest wishes,