Monday, June 4, 2012

Spiraling up

When going through some files, I came across a folder with a blast from the past

Not many friends moving around, but I had my two true loves...John Denver & horses!


The final move, to Salinas, California, spiraled me downward, but even in 8th grade, my early writings & doodlings show that I spiraled it back up, even if a bit on the rye & dark side. The Garfield cartoon reflects a very realistic fear even to this day!

These adolescent early poems show a general disappointment with life as well as a need again to spiral back up. A bobbing cork in stormy sea so to speak. The pen & ink of John Steinbeck's house was done in 9th grade art class working off of a photograph. After my Grandma Johnson saw it, she took me with the ladies there for tea! Don't quite know how things would have gone for me without my Grandma's around during those times!

All in all, I'll take turning 51 over being young again...any day! Cheers to the wisdom that accompanies gray hair & droopy knees! 


  1. Sheez, that was kind of depressing. I want to know what's in the folder labeled, "Party Stuff".

    1. No, it was spiraled up, so NOT depressing! Sheeze. That stuff WAS what was in the party stuff file! A few other things, like your smurf party bags! Must have been your 4th B'day!